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HR Professionals do a challenging job, sometimes under really difficult circumstances.

The tricky HR issues you have to handle must take up a tremendous amount of your time, your energy and your brain power. It’s probably exhausting for you to work under that level of pressure.

Being an HR Professional in today’s business environment is TOUGH!

Maintaining your high standards of professionalism must be a real struggle, especially when your efforts and expertise often go unappreciated by those who should know better.

You must have to make decisions on challenging HR situations you’ve sometimes never encountered before. Even if you’re part of a team, it must sometimes feel like you’re working in isolation.

With so much complexity and ambiguity, do you ever find you’re not clear whether you’re doing the right thing when there’s so much to think about?

It must be emotionally draining too. You’ve got to make tough decisions which may be unpopular.

The pressure’s on you to ensure people are treated fairly while the business complies with its legal obligations.

It’s a thankless task, especially if you’ve got grief coming at you from all sides.

Doubt can creep in too. Even though you’re an extremely competent professional, you might even begin to question yourself...What if you’ve got it wrong?

You’ve got to cope with all that, whilst constantly having to convince any doubting stakeholders you’re adding value to the business.

That pressure must take its toll on you.

You wouldn’t be human if it didn’t cause you tension, stress or even worse!

How do you do it all?

But be warned…

If you’re not careful the stress WILL creep up on you!

Being the caring professional you are, it’s likely you often take work home with you.

That’s not just about opening your laptop on your couch when everyone else is watching Eastenders.

We all know of families and relationships that come a poor second to the pressures and challenges faced at work.

Yours too..?

But does it have to be that way?

Should you feel the responsibility of the HR world is entirely on your shoulders and that you’ve got to bear that burden alone?

The answer is a firm no.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

There is an answer to help make your work & your life much easier for you

There’s a place you can get all the help, support, advice and encouragement you need to ease the constant pressure you have to bear.

In fact the impact it has on your workload is this…

…it’s the equivalent of taking on a part time HR business partner to assist you.

It’s called the HR Inner Circle.

It lifts the burden you’re carrying by giving you swift access to comprehensive resources and live practical guidance you can implement right away.

It’s information that saves you time, energy and effort.

It’s just like adding another member of staff to your team (even if it’s currently just a team of one i.e. YOU!).

How would you feel knowing the heavy burden of work you’re currently carrying is that little bit lighter?

The HR Inner Circle is a vibrant, active community of caring, like minded HR professionals willing to help you make that happen.

There are resources packed full of practical, actionable advice for you that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re working on.

Whether it be workforce engagement, attracting and keeping talent, diversity and inclusion or employee health and well being, you’ll find support for all of that.

You’re covered even if you're working on one of those tricky, sensitive, people problems you never see coming until they land squarely on your plate.

Timely support to make your job easier, can be rapidly found in the
HR Inner Circle

As a member of the HR Inner Circle, to get the support you want…

…just ask.

Just like you would if you had an assistant you could rely on to give you what you need.

Your first port of call is the vibrant Facebook group, bursting at the seams with incredible HR professionals like you.

Just post your question and let it bubble and simmer in the collective genius of the group.

By the end of the day, you’ll have at least 3-5 comments on your post, often more.

You’ll get relevant, insightful and practical guidance that comes from the hard earned experience of your fellow members.

Often you’ll get a response within a couple of hours. Sometimes you’ll get an answer within minutes - even if it’s late in the evening!

This highly active community never fails to astound me with just how willing they are to help fellow HR professionals like you.

They readily and generously share their hard earned knowledge and experience.

"It's an extremely helpful forum in which to bounce around ideas with very knowledgeable and experienced HR professionals, and ask for advice and views on employment relations issues."

Yolaine Bech

HR Manager, Energy Intelligence Group (UK) Ltd & Energy Intelligence Group, Inc

You get answers from real people quickly (and from our extensive resource library too)

"It is a great environment for being able to ask questions of Daniel and other members. Really important for someone working on their own who needs to check things out, or just bounce a few ideas around."

Quentin Colborn

Director, QC People Management Ltd

While you wait for a response from the Facebook group, you’ll likely find answers in the resource-rich members’ vault on our secure online portal as well.

It takes just 2 clicks and a quick keyword search using our Rapid Results Search Tool.

You’ll instantly find precisely where your topic is covered in our extensive back catalogue of monthly magazines and audio seminars.

In under 30 seconds you can find exactly what you’re after.

It’s that quick and easy.

…And if you need a specific legal insight?

Then pose your question live to an expert employment lawyer in our monthly Q&A session.

That’s right, this virtual “HR business partner” that’s just joined your team is legally qualified too with years of employment law experience!

You’ll get your answer immediately without having to pay any legal costs.

If you can’t wait, you’ll find where it’s been answered before with a quick search of previous Q&A sessions.

The clever index system means you can find a question, and get straight to the recorded answer in a single click.

But perhaps you need to dive deep and explore the different options open to you to solve a particularly tricky problem?

Then join one of the monthly HR Huddles. There you can run your specific situation past other HR professionals.

They’ll offer their insights, share their experience and work WITH you to find a solution that works FOR you.

You’ll find all of this in one convenient place - the HR Inner Circle.

This has been put together specifically so it works for busy HR Professionals like you

Everything you’re likely to need is literally at your fingertips.

It brings useful employment expertise AND practical experience together in a way that supports busy, overworked (and sometimes stressed) HR professionals like you.

This will save you time, energy and effort.

Being a member also means your business and clients will see you as even MORE INFORMED about the intricacies of employment law.

They’ll marvel at how well you keep up to date when you’re busy working so hard for them.

They may even ask to meet the new member of staff you MUST have employed for you to get so much done!

(Shhh! That’s your secret!)

You’ll be seen making quicker decisions and implementing effective solutions to accelerate the growth of the organisation.

You’ll make impressive time and cost savings for the business.

And those tricky, off-piste situations you’ve never come across before..?

Well, nothing will faze you, because you’re backed up by an HR support system second to none.

But more importantly, you’ll feel that pressure gently ease off…

…just as you would if you’d just taken on the most capable assistant you’ve ever had.

With the relief you’ll feel knowing that such great help and guidance is just a few minutes away, you’ll wonder how you survived without it!

That’s why you’re invited to join and reap the many rewards of membership

"The magazine is really informative, the Facebook group such a community, and I think exceptional value for money."

Liz Moore

Head of Advisory & Support Services, Society of Local Council Clerks

Here’s what you get when you join the
HR Inner Circle:

 Benefit #1  - you’ll get unlimited access to the hugely popular HR Inner Circle Facebook Private Group

Tap into the vast wealth of knowledge, experience, insight and wisdom of the top 0.5% of your profession at any time, day or night.
In less than 5 minutes you can post ANY HR question and get insightful answers and suggestions in a couple of hours or less, from some of the best in your profession.
Fast track your impact by discovering effective shortcuts and workarounds from HR people who’ve been “there” and done “it”.
Expand and deepen your network of like minded individuals, secure in the knowledge they’re as dedicated and as ambitious as you.
Increase your prestige with your colleagues and stakeholders by being part of such an exclusive and prominent HR community.
Gain confidence in your judgment and decisions by using the highly responsive community as a sounding board for your ideas.

  Benefit #2   - you’ll receive 11 copies of the HR Inner Circular Magazine every year

Enjoy that satisfying “THUD” on your door mat every month when the postman delivers your very own copy of the HR Inner Circular magazine.
Quickly discover exactly what the law says about key issues affecting HR professionals around the UK like you.
Get concise and practical guidance on how employment law applies to the challenging situations and circumstances you deal with every day.
Avoid the mistakes of others by applying the lessons from the in depth analysis of real life case studies.
Benefit from a legal deep dive by the UK’s leading employment law barrister into a topical employment question posed by a fellow member (perhaps you!).
Review a summary of recent important Facebook Group discussions worthy of sharing, that you may have missed.
Explore a range of related and relevant topics useful for your practice and your broader professional development.

"The Inner Circle is a forum where you can get HR advice in all different formats - the monthly magazine and audio seminars, the Facebook group, the fireside chats, the annual conference, and the weekly Employment Law Matters podcast. It's excellent value for money."

Christine Cooper

Corporate HR Manager, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

"I would thoroughly recommend it - it's worth every penny, from the monthly magazine to the weekly podcasts to the monthly MP3s and just having the support network to call on for a 'comfort blanket' from time to time. I've been a member since it started."

Alison Melville

Managing Director, Greg Melville HR

 Benefit #3  - Monthly “What’s Working Now” Audio Seminars

A 60 minute legal deep dive from a successful practicing barrister into an important subject relevant to you and your practice.
Professionally recorded content recorded exclusively for the HR Inner Circle - you’ll not find this information anywhere else.
Carefully structured content that’s easy to consume, understand and apply in your work as an HR professional.
Episodes delivered every month so you can stay current on the latest issues affecting HR professionals.
The convenience of listening to the recording online or downloading the MP3 for later enjoyment at a time suitable to your busy schedule (perfect for any commute).

 Benefit #4  - you get an exclusive invite to a live online Q&A Session every fortnight, led by an expert employment lawyer

Gain 60 minutes of live and direct access to the sharpest legal minds specialising in employment law.
Get answers to your knottiest employment law questions, and solutions to your trickiest HR problems, from some of the brightest employment lawyers in the UK.
Avoid having to pay the £300-£400 it would cost you to ask a lawyer your question outside of the HR Inner Circle.
Benefit from valuable insights from the answers given to other members.
If you can’t attend live, watch the recording when it’s convenient for you.
Quickly access the recorded answer to any question asked in the session by simply clicking the question index for that session.
Save time by downloading the session transcription to scan-read at a time suitable for you.

"The Value is so much more than the products and services provided within the subscription. Those are of exceptionally high quality, but the true value comes in the form of access to the professional thought leadership from Daniel and the network of like-minded and supportive HR professionals."

Jan Golding

Chief Executive Officer, Roots HR CIC

"In HR Inner Circle you have a community of like-minded individuals who will help you, expecting nothing in return. Whether it be sharing a resources from their files, or just helping you make sense of something that's troubling you. I've seen incredible generosity since I became a member. I enjoy the membership Q&S - just make sure you are prepared to be on camera as Daniel does love to see what's on your bookshelf when he's answering your question!"

Imogen Edmunds

Managing Director, Redwing Solutions Ltd

 Benefit #5  - join a live Monthly Huddle with other HR Professionals to solve your most challenging HR problems

Attend your very own mini-mastermind group of highly qualified, highly regarded and experienced fellow HR professionals to “group think” through an issue you’re facing right now.
Develop bespoke solutions to the unique problems and challenges you have to deal with in a safe, supportive and confidential environment.
Feel safe knowing these online zoom calls are NOT recorded to respect the sensitivity of issues addressed and the privacy of those involved. [NOTE - a professional transcriber attends and takes written notes. An anonymised summary is then made available to the membership]
Recent Huddle topics included changing employee benefits, mandatory vaccination, career breaks, sickness during disciplinaries, effective worker forums and hybrid working arrangements.

 Benefit #6  - access our templates & resources centre

Gain immediate access to our library of the most popular and frequently used forms, assessments, agreements, checklists, letter templates, questionnaires and reports to help the busiest HR professionals save time and get things done quicker and easier.
Download them as Word documents, so you can edit and personalise them to fit your business needs
New templates added every single month

 Benefit #7  - build your own employment law library

We send you several brand-new books on employment law several times each year
Acquire your own physical library of concise, easy-to-read and fully updated textbooks
Recent titles include Hiring Staff, Managing Sickness Absence, Spotting Malingering and Resolving Grievances

 Benefit #8  - free ticket to our Annual Conference

The perfect opportunity to extend your personal network of fellow HR professionals.
Meet up face to face with the people who’ve been supporting you in the Facebook Group and HR Huddles so you can deepen those connections even further.
Gather key insights and takeaways to help you personally and professionally from some of the best speakers on the circuit. Previous speakers have covered motivation, dealing with difficult people, goal setting and productivity, decision making and social media marketing.
Get instant access to recordings of all previous conferences so even if you can’t attend in person, you can benefit from the event in your own time.
Includes probably the best conference lunch you’ll ever have - a bold claim but the caterers used are outstanding.

"It never ceases to amaze the amount of time and effort people put into the Facebook group, sharing their experiences, advice, and sage words of wisdom. The support of the group (and Daniel, of course!) has proved invaluable to me as an independent consultant."

Emma Lister

HR Consultant, SME HR Services

 Benefit #9  - your Personal Concierge will help you get the best out of your membership

You get personal access to Nina who’ll point you in the direction of exactly where to find what you need. She’s supported hundreds of members over the 5 years she’s been part of the team.
Nina also works closely with the 11 back office staff that support the operation. In the extremely unlikely event she doesn’t know where something is, she knows who will.

How Much Does Joining The HR Inner Circle Cost?

There’s no doubt the annual value of membership benefits is in the many thousands of pounds range.

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that. All it’s going to cost you is just 

Here’s what that small monthly fee gives you every year:


  • Access to the private Facebook Group 
  • HR Inner Circular Magazine subscription
  • Monthly Audio Seminars
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Monthly HR Huddles
  • Templates and Resources
  • Employment Law Library
  • Free ticket to the HR Inner Circle Annual Conference
  • Your Personal Membership Concierge
  • Access to the private Facebook Group
    HR Inner Circular Magazine subscription
    Monthly Audio Seminars
    Live Q&A sessions
    Monthly HR Huddles
    Templates and Resources
    Employment Law Library
    Free ticket to the HR Inner Circle Annual Conference
    Your Personal Membership Concierge


    Another way of looking at your investment is this:

    Because access to what you need is so quick…

    …it’s like having your very own part time, legally trained, assistant HR Business Partner, just waiting to provide you with all the answers you need….

    Join today and that price is fixed for as long as you remain a member. You’ll always pay the same, even if the price to new members is increased (which happens regularly).

    "I recently had a Zoom meeting with 10 other HR professionals and asked if any of them subscribed to the HR Inner Circle. None of them did so I passed on the details! The Facebook page is fabulous, and it has been a lifeline for many during Covid-19. My membership also meant I heard about Daniel's '29 Barristers' webinar series. What a learning tool that has been! Oh, and I have started listening to Daniel's podcasts while I do my daily run."

    Tina Davis

    HR Consultant, Christina Consultancy Limited

    Plus, with membership of the HR Inner Circle, you’ll also get these 4 additional resources for FREE!

    Additional Resource #1
    Handling Awkward Conversations

    A video case study masterclass you can share with managers to train them to handle awkward staff disciplinary, performance and attitude problems. A huge time saver for you.

    Additional Resource #2
    On-Demand Employment Law Courses

    including Employment Tribunal Compensation, Deconstructing TUPE, Changing Terms & Conditions, Unconscious Bias At Work and Handling Grievances.

    Additional Resource #3
    Free listing on the Register of Investigators

    Advertise your professional investigations service in our member’s portal.

    Additional Resource #4
    Significant discounts on sets of policies, contracts, and other courses.

    Get member discounts on the Getting Redundancy Right and HR Policies products as well as other price reductions when new products are released.

    "My membership of the HR Inner Circle has been invaluable. I have learned so much since joining. The fact that Daniel speaks from the employer's perspective is so helpful. It really is wonderful to be part of such a large HR community of like-minded professionals who you can call on to sanity check or ask questions of. There are lots of really useful resources available. It is definitely the best decision I have made in recent times to boost my professional development."

    Lesley Stewart

    HR Director, EnviroCentre Ltd

    We’re so confident joining the HR Inner Circle is the right decision for you, here’s our
    no limits


    Take action and join the HR Inner Circle now.

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with your investment, you can cancel at ANY time.

    Just tell us, and your membership will end immediately. No long-term contracts. No notice periods. No fuss.

    We’re comfortable doing this because we know once you join, you’ll find the support, the information and the strategies so useful, you’ll never want to leave.

    Before you decide though, let’s be very clear about membership of the HR Inner Circle.

    It’s only for ambitious and dedicated HR professionals who want to accelerate and increase their impact by plugging into an HR ecosystem with its finger firmly on the pulse of what’s working right now in HR.

    If you’re just plodding along and are content with just getting by, then this is probably not for you.

    But if you’re drawn to benefiting from standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the giants in the HR community who will help you solve your toughest problems, then joining the HR Inner Circle is the RIGHT decision for you.

    P.S. Remember when you join it’s just like having your very own part time, legally trained, assistant HR Business Partner (and a really, really good one at that) …all for just £126 + VAT per month (first month payment is £500 + VAT as your initial joining fee).

    Other testimonials from more satisfied members

    Anabelle Carey

    A great network community to get practical and refreshing approaches to day to day HR and employment law matters. It’s great to see that we all experience tricky cases from time to time.

    HR Inner Circle member
    Anabelle Carey
    Managing Consultant, HR Services Partnership

    Alison benney

    The HR Inner Circle provides expert guidance and resources which you can use in your organisation or with your own clients. Knowing they are expertly drawn up, with the employer at the forefront, is very reassuring.

    Alison Benney
    Director/Owner, enlightenHR Ltd

    Tarnya Brink

    Not only will you get access to Daniel’s incredible mind and sessions, but an entire network of HR professionals willing to share their experiences and advice.

    HR Inner Circle member
    Tarnya Brink
    HR Consultant, advo-one

    Simon Jones

    It’s an excellent resource for keeping to date and having the law explained clearly. Plus you have access to a top employment barrister at a fraction of the cost!

    Simon Jones
    Director, Ariadne Associates

    Patrick Cunningham

    If you’re looking for pragmatic articles on how to handle the day-to-day activities of HR then I would look no further. The monthly magazines and CD/MP3 updates have long become a staple in my professional development. The Facebook group is also highly recommended: it includes many like-minded individuals who are extremely friendly and approachable for collaboration and sense checking.

    Patrick Cunningham
    HR Advisor, HCC Solicitors

    Tracy Madgwick

    It’s a really good investment. The support you get from other members is fantastic. Whatever your question, someone will know the answer. Access to Daniel’s experience and knowledge through the podcasts and Q&A is invaluable too.

    Tracy Madgwick
    HR Consultant, Crafnant HR

    Caroline Rochford

    It is a superb HR resource. The richness of information you gain from the live Q&As for example, is second to none. Also, the monthly magazines which have really practical and very up-to-date articles. It’s all good!

    HR Inner Circle member
    Caroline Rochford
    HR Consultant, Caroline Rochford Consulting

    Omar Rashid

    It’s a fantastic support network even if it is just to bounce ideas or get that sense of confidence in advising on HR matters. We all have moments we just need to sense check and this network is great for that.

    Omar Rashid
    Director, The HR Department Birmingham NE SW

    Heidi Malaure

    If you’re a sole practitioner or working in a small business as I am, the support and access to resources are invaluable, especially (in my view) the Q&As.

    Heidi Malaure
    Chief Operating Officer, LaingBuisson Ltd

    Paul Himple

    It is an excellent and cost-effective forum to both share and shamelessly steal fellow professionals’ advice and wisdom. The link to Daniel and advice from both a practical HR and more litigious basis is unique.

    Paul Himple
    HR Consultant, Go Legal HR Ltd

    Angela Clay

    Just do it! Having been a member from its launch, the support you get is invaluable both from Daniel Barnett and the other members. HR Inner Circle is a vital resource getting good ROI.

    Angela Clay
    Managing Direcor, HR:4UK

    Lynda Moore

    It’s a great resource for up-to-date advice and information with a range of options, including Q&A sessions, Facebook, monthly magazines, updates, etc, where you can ask questions and share information. Value for money, it’s got to be one of the best membership deals around.

    Lynda Moore
    Head of Talent & Development Bradfords Building Supplies

    Julie ‘Jules’ White

    The way it’s run means you never miss out. If you can’t make a Q&A session, you can catch up later, there’s masses of useful stuff on the website, the sense of community is great, and you can see a picture of me in the magazine!!

    Julie 'Jules' White
    Head of HR/Managing Director, Freedom to Insure/CJM HR Services Ltd

    Andrew Beaumont

    It is truly an excellent resource with a decent price point. You are never judged for asking questions and Daniel’s books are full of great content.

    Andrew Beaumont
    Owner, AJB HR Consultancy Services Ltd

    Justine Green

    It’s been an invaluable source of reference, a sounding board, fruitful Q&A sessions, excellent resource centre and the community feedback – especially on Facebook – is absolutely priceless, I don’t think I could be without it.

    HR Inner Circle member
    Justine Green
    Head of HR Law Debenture

    Catherine Kerr

    Quite simply, it is just a great resource. I particularly like the added human factor as you get real questions and real answers from real people. Such practical tips and advice are invaluable.

    HR Inner Circle member
    Catherine Kerr
    Partner, Employment Team, Primas Freeman Fisher Ltd

    Nicky Gleadow

    Just Join. The Information and updates from the HR Inner Circle are excellent as well as the Facebook group where you can ask other members for advice which if you work alone is great as sometimes you just need to sense-check things.

    Nicky Gleadow
    HR Professional

    Sheena Doyle

    If you’re looking for a forum to discuss confidential issues and need prompt employment law advice then the HR Inner Circle is definitely for you. In addition it offers other tools to help and support. The Facebook group is full of information and solutions to scenarios invaluable for HR professionals.

    Sheena Doyle
    HR Professional

    Nancy Prest

    The HR Inner Circle is fantastic support for HR Professionals. The Facebook group is a great sense check when you work on your own and a great way to get a different perspective..

    Nancy Prest
    HR Professional

    Lara Kenny

    The HR Inner Circle is the best CPD investment you can make. Regardless of how you learn best, there is something for everyone and you’re always up to date about employment law, case law and the subtle gray areas in between. If it’s not already written down, just ask the group and someone will have the answer.

    Lara Kenny
    HR Professional

    Yolaine Bech

    The HR Inner Circle is an extremely helpful forum in which to bounce around ideas with very knowledgeable and experienced HR professionals and ask for advice and views on employment relations issues.

    Yolaine Bech
    HR Professional

    Alison Melville

    I thoroughly recommend the HR Inner Circle. It’s worth every penny from the monthly magazine to the weekly podcast to the monthly audio seminars. And just having the support network to call on for a comfort blanket from time to time. I’ve been a member since it started

    Alison Melville
    HR Professional

    Lis Moore

    The HR Inner Circle Magazine is really informative, the Facebook group is such a community and I think exceptional value for money.

    Lis Moore
    HR Professional

    Mandy Carr

    The HR Inner Circle gives you access to Daniel’s practical and straightforward advice on employment issues. The businesses I work with don’t want jargon, they just want pragmatic advice and I can access that through HR Inner Circle

    Mandy Carr
    HR Professional

    Caroline Robertson

    It’s a breath of fresh air to have an HR resource which gives practical advice and tips. We can find out the law but it’s the application of the law and HR practice led by a barrister along with the opinions of other HR professionals in the Q&A sessions which are invaluable

    Caroline Robertson
    HR Professional

    Annabel Carey

    The HR Inner Circle is a great network opportunity to get practical and refreshing approaches for day to day HR and employment law matters. It’s great to see that we all experience tricky cases from time to time

    Annabel Carey
    HR Professional

    Jo Mosley

    HR can be a lonely role and as the person advising everyone around you, it can often be difficult to find advice and peer support for you as an individual. We all know there are rarely right and wrong answers in HR. It’s an art not a science and the HR Inner Circle gives you a group of like minded individuals to share solutions, provide expertise and insight, and a place to go when you just don’t have the answers.

    Jo Mosley
    HR Professional

    Vanessa Scrimshaw

    Lots of HR professionals work in standalone in-house roles or their own consultancy. We all need to stay relevant and get an occasional sanity check on a project and bounce around ideas and problems off others. So joining the HR Inner Circle to find a group of like minded professionals is essential in my view.

    Vanessa Scrimshaw
    HR Professional

    Michelle Kirk

    Use everything in the HR Inner Circle and you’ll get the best possible support. The Magazine and the Audio Seminars keep me up to date and I can give something back and learn a few things on the Facebook group.

    Michelle Kirk
    HR Professional

    Christine Cooper

    The Inner Circle is a forum where you can get HR advice in all different formats. The monthly magazines and the audio seminars, the Facebook group and the annual conference. It is excellent value for money.

    Christine Cooper
    HR Professional

    Diana Wilks

    Just join. The resources available to the HR Inner Circle members are invaluable especially the Facebook group where you can get advice or a different point of view that you may not have previously considered outside of normal working hours which is really useful. Live Q&As too.

    Diana Wilks
    HR Professional

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