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  • reduce the stress caused by your HR role
  • solve those intractable HR problems

Join Daniel Barnett for lunch and a two hour Q&A session every month, where he will offer personal support and  help you solve all your HR problems and employment law issues.

The meetings are intimate (normally no more than 8 people) and jam-packed with frank discussion.  They take place every month, rotating throughout all the major cities in the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton, Exeter, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Nobody else has this sort of access to Daniel - it's worth over 10 times the cost of membership on its own.

And it all takes place over a fabulous lunch, with you being our guest at a 5-star hotel or a private dining room somewhere in the city centre.  Yum.

Estimated value: £197 per lunch/Q&A session attended

Laura Roberts

"Many fantastic points that I can take back to my organisation and points that I can now ensure we put in place to avoid losing Tribunals."

Laura Roberts, People Services Consultant, TalkTalk

Cardiff, July 2015

Norwich, July 2015

Karen Woodbridge

“I really enjoy being able to ask Daniel questions and having access to his level of expert knowledge. The lunch was fabulous and well worth the time out of the office.”

Karen Woodbridge, Hornet Solutions Ltd

You'll get a CD every month, specially recorded for you by Daniel Barnett. The CDs contain practical HR advice, legal tips, shortcuts, and sometimes a short seminar on a hot employment law or HR topic.  It's information you can't get elsewhere and is exclusively produced by Daniel Barnett for members of the HR Inner Circle. Want to know what's on them?  We keep the details confidential, but here are the titles of a few forthcoming CDs:-

  • Getting the best out of an occupational health referral
  • Holiday pay hell
  • Planning for a terms & conditions change
  • Managing disability-related absence
  • Being or briefing a witness at an employment tribunal hearing

You can listen in your car or on your computer, and learn really practical stuff to help you manage change and give good HR advice.  But if you'd prefer them as an .mp3 to play on your iPhone, you can have that too.

Cost if purchased individually: £97 per CD

Angela Rhodes

“I've just listened to the last two CDs on a long drive to Somerset.  They are brilliant - thank you very much!  I'm delighted to be part of the group and receive the regular, manageable updates and training.”

Angela Rhodes, Crispin Rhodes Ltd

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This is the jewel in the crown of your membership. All members of Daniel Barnett's HR Inner Circle receive an exclusive monthly magazine, delivered straight to your door.  It's packed with content to make your life easier, including Daniel's Diary, Big Lesson of the Month, Legal Updates, HR Q&As, Competitions, HR Professional of the Month, and more.

Enjoy it over coffee on a Sunday, with your feet up...

Cost if purchased individually: £350 per annum

Ellie King

"Daniel Barnett is an inspirational, walking and talking ‘how to understand mind-boggling employment law’ handbook!"

Ellie King, HR Manager, RWE Technology

As a member of the HR Inner Circle, you'll have access to an exclusive online private members area on Facebook where you can post questions and discuss workplace disputes, toxic employees and other difficult HR problems, tapping into the knowledge and experience of other members of the Inner Circle, all within a confidential, no-holds-barred environment.

You can also share precedents and benefit from downloading the templates that others have shared.

This will be a great source of comfort and support.  We'll have you up and running in the group within 24 hours of joining...

Estimated value: £200 per annum

Jeanette Whitham

“The Facebook group is excellent - I like reading the questions that people raise, and the answers that other members supply.”

Jeanette Whitham, Principal HR Manager, Lancashire County Council
Jim Crenigan

“Informative, interesting and easy to understand – spiced with humour.”

Jim Crenigan, Personnel Manager, Stagecoach Group

The ultimate networking event for ambitious HR professionals, wanting to learn from the best names in the business.

Hosted by Daniel Barnett, you'll hear from the most charismatic and entertaining speakers both inside and outside the HR community.  There'll be fantastic networking opportunities and the chance to absorb up-to-the-minute best practice and implementation strategies.

Tickets are available to non-members of the Inner Circle for £997+VAT (standard package) or £1,997+VAT (VIP package).  All members of the HR Inner Circle are entitled to complimentary entrance, with an upgrade to the VIP package for a nominal fee.

Value: £997+VAT

Wesley Auden

“Daniel’s insights, based on his extensive experience and knowledge, are both eye-opening and eye-watering.”

Wesley Auden, HR Manager, Victim Support

Once you've been a member of the Inner Circle for six months, you get access to a secret '' email address which you can use if you have an urgent, important employment law issue.  This is a unique opportunity to seek help from either Daniel or one of his team, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, either with an answer or very clear signposting of the best way forward. You may use this service as part of your membership once a year.  If you wish to use it more often, we will discuss an appropriate consultancy fee with you (but we won't, and will never, charge you anything without your agreement).

This isn't a substitute for full legal advice, but it's a pretty good start.  And we can also point you in the right direction as to where to get professional help (if you want it), including consulting privately with Daniel at the discounted HR Inner Circle rates.

Estimated value: £400+VAT per annum

Elizabeth Ince

"The policy guidance and advice is invaluable."

Elizabeth Ince, HR Director

Also, once you've been a member of the Inner Circle for six months, you'll become automatically entitled to a fabulous range of discounts on Daniel Barnett's other products.

You'll receive big discounts on places at his training events.  You'll also be entitled to reduced rates if he agrees to advise or represent your company in high-value or high-risk employment litigation, including restrictive covenant disputes, discrimination claims in the tribunal and TUPE litigation.

You'll also get complimentary access to the Inner Circle Annual Conference (you don't need to wait six months for that) worth £997+VAT, and an upgrade to the VIP package for a nominal fee.

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Quentin Colborn

"My highlights are being part of the network, the lunches with Daniel and having the opportunity to address topical issues such as holiday pay."

Quentin Colborn, Q.C. People Management Ltd

No Minimum Membership Period

Membership of Daniel Barnett's HR Inner Circle is so rewarding that you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next HR Circular, the next CD, the next lunchtime Q&A and everything else it offers.

But if you want to leave, your membership is all backed up by our 100% risk-free guarantee.  Just tell us, and your membership will end immediately.  No long-term contracts.  No notice periods.  No fuss.

Ruth Pott

"Great value for money, and you learn an awful lot.  You hear some really interesting questions from others."

Ruth Pott, HR Director, BAM Nuttall
Simon Beet

"What's really good is the meeting of like minds in a quasi-work environment, which allows a relaxed approach.  I really like the format."

Simon Beet, Beet HR

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Here's what you WON'T get in the Inner Circle

  • Jargon or over-complicated language. We keep it simple, manageable and, above all, pragmatic.
  • Sitting on the fence - Daniel is known for his practical, action-orientated, commercial advice.
  • Scaremongering. We're here to help you separate what's important from what's not.
  • Hidden Charges. Never. The only extra (small) fee is if you choose to upgrade to a VIP ticket for the Inner Circle Annual Conference.
  • Lack of business awareness. Daniel Barnett has owned and run three successful businesses (one of which he sold to Thomson Reuters in 2011). We gear everything to the needs of your business.
  • Lawyers. We're a closed community, for HR professionals and business owners only.
  • Negativity. We don't judge or criticise. We help you move forward.
  • People selling you things. We have no sponsors, and won't ever rent out our list to advertisers.
Nancy Batchelor

"I've been a bit behind in employment law.  This really brings it to life, and cements it in your head."

Nancy Batchelor, Senior HR Manager, Workshare

Who else has already joined Daniel Barnett's HR Inner Circle?

If you purchased the CDs individually, subscribed to the HR Circular and attended just two lunch/Q&A sessions a year, it would cost you £3,308+VAT for one year.

By joining Daniel Barnett's HR Inner Circle, you will receive all the above, plus access to the private Facebook Inner Circle members group plus discounts on Daniel Barnett's other services.

There is no minimum membership period - you can end your membership at any time by just telling us.

Don't miss out.  Apply now by clicking here.

Remember: Here's What You Get

  • Monthly lunch / Q&A sessions in person with Daniel Barnett, in different cities across the UK
  • A monthly CD, with practical HR advice, shortcuts, and legal updates
  • The HR Inner Circular, an exclusive monthly magazine posted direct to your door, containing all the information you won't find elsewhere
  • A private online discussion group, to share templates and discuss problems with members of the Inner Circle in a confidential, no-holds-barred environment
  • Complimentary entrance to the annual Inner Circle Networking and Conference Event
  • Discounts on Daniel Barnett's other services, including seminars, consultations and representation
  • Access to the '' emergency email service
Rhiain Geers-Davies

"Pitched at the right level for HR practitioners and professionals - Daniel is very down to earth and engaging."

Rhiain Geers-Davies, Head of HR & Recruitment, Oasis Dental Care
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