Daniel Barnett's HR Secrets

For members of the HR Inner Circle

I'm doing another tour in November of the popular HR Secrets session - a 3 hour intensive course for HR professionals, at the end of which I promote membership of the HR Circle.

There is no new content - it's all stuff I've delivered before during MasterClasses (and the previous HR Secrets tour). But it is a fun morning and it does have really good content. Members of the Inner Circle are very welcome, but I'm afraid there is no discount (we make a loss on these places).

Having said that...
... the first 30 people to book at each venue get a 50% discount, and I'm making this available to HR Inner Circle members and your colleagues/contacts before it goes out to my general mailing list. So if you book now, you'll get one of the first 30 places.

During the 3 hour session, we'll cover:-

1. The Top Seven HR Problems Faced by Employers, including:-
- employees who go off sick when facing a disciplinary
- managers who don't follow procedures
- when the employee wants a lawyer to accompany them to a hearing

2. Holiday Pay Hell, including:-
- what all the fuss is about
- factoring in commission, overtime, allowances and bonuses
- four weeks or 5.6 weeks?
- will Brexit make it all simple again?

3. How to Prove (and Dismiss For) Malingering, including:-
- why GPs and occupational health are useless at spotting malingering
- the eight pointers to malingering
- the medical 'lie detector' test - symptom validity testing
- what to do if an employee won't cooperate with a medical referral

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