Annual Conference 2019

14 October 2019

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Meet The Keynote Speakers


Chair: Daniel Barnett

Daniel Barnett is a barrister at Outer Temple Chambers in London. He has advised and defended many hundreds of businesses facing claims from employees and ex-employees. Daniel has written eight books on employment law, is a leading speaker on the national and international lecture circuit, and presents the legal hour on LBC Radio.


Getting the Right Answers out of Occupational Health

- choosing the right occupational health provider
- asking the questions that matter
- getting them to commit to an opinion
- clarifying, correcting and amplifying the report

Gillian is an experienced employment lawyer advising both employers and employees. She specialises in discrimination cases, particularly sex and disability discrimination and is an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians, London.  She is also an author and broadcaster as well as a speaker at conferences and workshops. She is known as 'The Rottweiler with a Handbag' because of her tenacity.

Dr Roger Miles

Tales of the Unintended

- How well-meant interventions provoke presenteeism
- Why rule makers are not the people who should make rules
- Where misconduct comes from
- The most under-used resource in your (and every) organisation

Dr Roger Miles knows about human-factor risk – how people make decisions under uncertainty – researching and lecturing on this at Cambridge University and UK Defence Academy. In commercial practice he develops tools to improve reporting and prediction of behavioural risk, mainly in financial markets, and leads UK Finance’s Academy for this. After leading risk communication initiatives for Barclays, Vodafone, HM Government, and the Federation Bancaire (among others), he set up industry forums to instil ‘risk-aware working’- now regularly engaging with Senior Managers in more than 200 firms. His publications include the Risk Culture commentary series for Reuters and the financial sector’s standard handbook Conduct Risk Management: a behavioural approach (Kogan Page, 2017).

Perry Timms

Designing Organisations where People Flourish

- How to design a better culture in your workplace
- Using tech tools to get rid of tedious work
- Being quirky - how it can work (and why it sometimes flops)

Perry Timms is a proud Chartered member of the CIPD, in the top 5 of HR Magazine’s HR Most Influential Thinkers 2018 and Founder & CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of PTHR; a growing consultancy in progressive HR/OD and the next stage of business evolution.  Perry’s 2017 book Transformational HR was an Top 30 HR seller shortly after its release, and his second book The Energised Workplace is published in April 2020.  Perry is Adjunct Professor at Hult International Business School; a visiting fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, a Fellow of the RSA and a global and 2x TEDx speaker on the future of work, learning and the HR Profession.

Sophie Bennett

The Mystery of Motivation

Discover new tools and perspectives on inner drive. Gain fresh insight into how to sustain your own motivation for long enough to fulfil your true potential and discover;

- The 5 types of motivation and how to access them
- Tools to uncover people’s hidden drive
- What psychometric tests don’t tell you
- The biochemistry of drive

Sophie Bennett is a motivation and leadership expert, bestselling author and keynote speaker. In 2018 she ran the ACCA Finance Director Leadership Program at ACCA HQ and is a visiting lecturer at Cranfield School of Management where she speaks on motivation and employee engagement. Her recent book, Find Your Flame- Why Motivation Matters More Than Talent, features interviews with 50 thought leaders, uncovers what motivates them, how world renowned achievers discovered their genius streak and the steps they took to become successsful.



All HR Inner Circle members are entitled to come for free, as part of your membership. However:

1. We ask for a £40+VAT deposit when you book, which is forfeited if you don't turn up.

2.  It costs about £24,000 to arrange the conference (venue hire, speaker fees and staff), which is about £130 per delegate. As a member you're entitled to come for free. But if you'd voluntarily contribute £40+VAT towards the cost, we'd really appreciate it!  You can choose to do so when you book.

Members of the Inner Circle can bring one guest for £200+VAT (or they can join the HR Inner Circle themselves, which is much better value!)


Expert Keynotes

Our keynote speakers are brought in from around the UK - to make a difference to you. Their level of expertise is second to none, and their ability to teach and inspire is what makes them some of the most sought after thought leaders in the HR space!

Member Contributions

Meet six HR Inner Circle members who, during very short and very intense sessions, will deep-dive into one major topic for HR professionals. Their mission is to arm you with the latest and best tactics and strategies.

Chaired by Daniel Barnett

The day is chaired by Daniel Barnett, leading employment and HR barrister, and founder of the HR Inner Circle.


Monday, 14 October 2019


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Chair: Daniel Barnett


Keynote Session 1: Getting the Right Answers out of Occupational Health

Speaker: Gillian Howard

In this session, Gillian Howard (known as 'The Rottweiller with the Handbag') will discuss:

  • choosing the right occupational health provider
  • asking the questions that matter
  • getting them to commit to an opinion
  • clarifying, correcting and amplifying the report


Member Spotlight 1: Five Epic HR Failures

Speaker: Dianne Lambdin

A fun look at some very different types of HR failures – how businesses have got the people stuff completely wrong without trying very hard.


Short Break


Member Spotlight 2:  Beyond Flexible Working

Speaker: Jo Mosley

A practical look at what works and the positive impact flexible working can have on organisations: how can HR create environments that encourage all our people to flourish and address the imbalance of women and other underrepresented groups in leadership.


Keynote Session 2: Tales of the Unintended

Speaker: Dr Roger Miles

In this session, Dr Roger Miles will demonstrate:

  • how well-meant interventions provoke presenteeism
  • why rule makers are not the people who should make rules
  • where misconduct comes from
  • the most under-used resource in your (and every) organisation


Member Spotlight 3: Business, Lifestyle and Relationships - How looking after the leaders will impact HR

Speaker: Donna Negus

Donna explores the proactive arm of the business, which is looking after the business, lifestyle and relationships of business owners and employees alike.




Member Spotlight 4: Tales from the Tribunal

Speaker: Quentin Colborn

A light-hearted look at cases Quentin has seen, in his capacity as a tribunal wing member, and a few learning points.


Keynote Session 3: Designing Organisations where People Flourish

Speaker: Perry Timms

In this session, you will learn:

  • how to design a better culture in your workplace
  • how to use tech tools to get rid of tedious work
  • being quirky - how it can work (and why it sometimes flops)


Member Spotlight 5: HR in an Emoji World

Speaker: Nancy Prest

HR needs to be more flexible in the approach to when policies and statutes says ‘written’. Is an emoji ‘written’?


Short Break


Member Spotlight 6: Four Ways to Promote your HR Consultancy

Speaker: Claire Vane

As business owners or consultancy leads we have to combine selling to clients with client delivery.  We also have to promote the business itself and do this as effectively as possible.  Claire Vane discusses four methods for promoting an HR Consultancy, including driving web traffic and shared networking.


Keynote Session 4: The Mystery of Motivation

Speaker: Sophie Bennett

Sophie Bennett, author of 'Find Your Flame', will discuss:

  • the 5 types of motivation and how to access them
  • tools to uncover people’s hidden drive
  • what psychometric tests don’t tell you
  • the biochemistry of drive


Closing Remarks

Chair: Daniel Barnett




Conference Ends



Cavendish Conference Centre
(near Oxford Circus and Cavendish Square)

The Cavendish Conference Centre is one of the leading conference venues in the UK.

Why have we chosen the Cavendish for this year's conference? Partly because of its tiered amphitheatre and state of the art conference facilities. But mostly because their food is simply fabulous – way better than most conference venues – and they have free, reliable wi-fi throughout.




Fabulous speakers! Engaging subjects!
The 'must attend' event for all HR Practitioners

14 October 2019

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Q. How much does it cost to attend? +

It's completely free for members, although we ask for a £40+VAT deposit to ensure your attendance.  If you don't turn up, you forfeit the deposit.

Having said that, it costs us about £24,000 to put the conference on (venue hire, speaker fees and staff).  That's about £130 per delegate, based on 180 delegates.   You are 100% entitled to come for free.  But if you'd voluntarily contribute £40+VAT towards the cost (ie so we won't refund your deposit), we'd really appreciate it!  We'll give you the option to do this when you book your place.

Q. Can I bring a colleague? +

Members can bring one colleague each, for a discounted delegate fee of £200+VAT. If you wish to bring more than one colleague, the full delegate fee of £400+VAT will apply (or they can join the HR Inner Circle themselves and come for free).

Q. Am I guaranteed a place? +

Yes, if you book quickly. The room takes 180 people. Although we have more members of the Inner Circle than that, we know many members won't come (either because the date doesn't work or it's too far to travel). We're filming the session and all members will get videos, so if it sells out before you've reserved your place, you'll still be able to watch the recorded version.

Members have exclusive ability to book for three months (June to August 2019).  By September 2019, if there are any unfilled places, we'll open them to non-members (they'll be charged £400+VAT, you get in for free as part of your membership).

Q. Are you filming the conference? And can I get access to the videos? +

Yes, we'll be filming the entire conference and sending the videos to all members of the HR Inner Circle (whether you come or not).

Q. What are the 'member spotlight' sessions? +

We thought we'd have some fun and ask some members to give short, six-minute presentations on a topic they are passionate about. Absolutely no idea what they'll say, but fingers crossed it'll be stimulating and entertaining...

Q. Will there be internet access at the conference? +

Errr.... yes. It's 2019. But we do ask you not to use mobile devices during the talks, as it's distracting for people around you.

Q. Are meals provided? +

There will be tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day. And one of the reasons we've picked the Cavendish Conference Centre is because they do one of the best conference lunches in London (seriously). You won't be hungry!

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