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Annual Conference 2018

1 October 2018

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Brought to You by Daniel Barnett, Employment Law and HR Barrister

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Meet The Keynote Speakers


Chair: Daniel Barnett

Daniel Barnett is a barrister at Outer Temple Chambers in London. He has advised and defended many hundreds of businesses facing claims from employees and ex-employees. Daniel has written eight books on employment law, is a leading speaker on the national and international lecture circuit, and presents the legal hour on LBC Radio.

Adam Harris & Robert Craven

Adam Harris is a serial business leader, owner and innovator. Adam established his business consultancy, Fresh Mindset by The Introducer, in 2010, and has worked with CEOs and senior managers providing training, coaching and high-level peer group activities to convert opportunities into successes, drive profit, facilitate change, define company direction and leverage the network.

Robert Craven works with ambitious owner-directors of fast-growing businesses who feel that they could be doing even better. Running his own consultancy – The Directors’ Centre – since 1998, he is now one of the UK’s best-known speakers on growing your business. Alongside numerous speaking engagements, Robert also does consulting work for, and is chairman or personal mentor to, a number of growing UK businesses.

Karen Jackson

For the past ten years Karen Jackson has been advising employees and employers (mostly SMEs) on mental health issues in the workplace and how to sensitively but robustly manage them. Very few of the cases she deals with lead to formal litigation thanks to her expertise in conciliating and settling disputes. There is almost always a solution if it is approached in the right way.

Sue Ingram

Sue Ingram has worked within management and leadership development for over 20 years. She was an Honorary Teaching Fellow at the University of Lancaster working on their World Class Leaders’ program and innovative leadership development program for SMEs. Her workshop ‘Leading Difficult People’ was part of their International MBA program for 4 years. In 2010 she founded Converse Well, a company providing training and consulting services to organisations looking to increase the quality of their feedback and performance management. Her book, ‘Fire Well, how to fire staff so they say thank you’, was published in 2015.

Darren Newman

Darren has been writing and talking about employment law for over 25 years. He began writing for IDS Brief in 1991 and has since been a consultant, writer and trainer in employment law. He is the former Head of Employment Law at the CIA (Chemical Industries Association) and is a consultant editor for XpertHR. He is the author of the Range of Reasonable Responses blog which explains employment law issues that have hit the news and he also produces a series of podcasts which take a fresh look at the classic employment law cases of the past.



This conference is free to attend for all HR Inner Circle members. We ask for a £40+VAT deposit when you book, which is forfeited if you don't turn up. You can cancel and get your deposit refunded up to a week before the conference.

Members of the Inner Circle can bring one guest for £200+VAT (or they can join the HR Inner Circle themselves, which is much better value!)

What You Can Expect

Expert Keynotes

Our keynote speakers are brought in from around the UK - to make a difference to you. Their level of expertise is second to none, and their ability to teach and inspire is what makes them some of the most sought after thought leaders in the HR space!

Member Contributions

Meet three Inner Circle members who, during very short and very intense sessions, will deep-dive into one major topic for HR professionals. Their mission is to arm you with the latest and best tactics and strategies.

Chaired by Daniel Barnett

The day is chaired by Daniel Barnett, leading employment and HR barrister, and founder of the HR Inner Circle.


Monday, 1 October 2018


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Chair: Daniel Barnett


Make Love Not War

Speaker: Karen Jackson

As practitioners we all know how hard it is to manage employees with mental health illnesses. Every contact with them can be a pressure point and give a potential claimant an advantage. How can we improve things around this?

  • How to manage mental health at work sensitively
  • Managing absence when an employee will not engage in any communications
  • Demonstrating parity across mental and physical health issues
  • What adjustments should we make to the processes and procedures?
  • Beefing up your employment contracts to help in situations like this
  • Do we need more or newer or different policies around this space?
  • The big no-nos: the things that really will set the case on fire
  • What not to do in communications and meetings


Member Spotlight 1: What's the Point of HR?

Speaker: Katie White

After a varied HR career in the city, Katie left the bright lights for sleepy Suffolk and launched KWHR Consulting with help from her dog, Bonkers. She has been a member of the HR Inner Circle since March 2016. In six minutes, Katie asks what was, is, and will be the point of HR.


Short Break


Workshop Session 1: Better Teams, Better People

Facilitators: Adam Harris and Robert Craven

Robert and Adam will go through tools and techniques that you can instantly use for yourself, your teams and organisations to improve performance all round… No silver bullet, no miracle cures, just tried and tested tools that work.

  • PLAN - Tools that are simple and easily implemented for better individual and team performance
  • ACTION - How do you get people to take action and create the right conversations
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Simple, effective ownership to help people hold themselves and others to account - instantly
  • RESULTS - Consistency of the above creates new habits and cultural changes. Hear how to do it.


You can only Defeat what has a Name

Speaker: Sue Ingram

In this session, Sue will

  • Explore what prevents us from calling out issues such as attitude and behaviour in our organisations
  • Identify what the cost of silence is to us individually
  • What steps can we take to create organisations where problems are clearly named




Workshop Session 2: Better Teams, Better People

Facilitators: Adam Harris and Robert Craven

Robert and Adam continue with the second of three workshop sessions, giving you tools and techniques for improving performance throughout your organisation.


Member Spotlight 2: Five Fabulous Reasonable Adjustments

Speaker: Bernadette Aleksandrowicz

Bernadette is a founder member of the HR Inner Circle, having joined in June 2015. She is Head of HR at QIB (UK) and has worked at big banks including HSBC and RBS, as well as in the care sector. In this spotlight session, Bernadette considers the practical steps an employer can take, from the simple to the sophisticated.


Five Things Everyone Gets Wrong About TUPE

Speaker: Darren Newman

  • Learn to stop worrying and love TUPE
  • The five things everyone gets wrong
  • The right way to think about a TUPE transfer
  • Legal technicalities versus practical reality


Short Break


Member Spotlight 3: HR with Attitude

Speaker: Helen Astill

Before setting up as an independent HR consultant (Cherington HR) twelve years ago, Helen worked for engineering giants GKN and UKAEA. She has been a member of the HR Inner Circle since May 2017. In six minutes, Helen will share her strategies for encouraging managers to seek advice before acting, and supporting business with sound HR advice.


Workshop Session 3: Better Teams, Better People

Facilitators: Adam Harris and Robert Craven

Robert and Adam present the final workshop session, giving you tools and techniques for improving performance throughout your organisation.


Closing Remarks

Chair: Daniel Barnett




Conference Ends

We welcome HR Directors, HR Managers and Independent HR Professionals at this event.

The Venue

Cavendish Conference Centre
(near Oxford Circus and Cavendish Square)

The Cavendish Conference Centre is one of the leading conference venues in the UK.

Why have we chosen the Cavendish for this year's conference? Partly because of its tiered amphitheatre and state of the art conference facilities. But mostly because their food is simply fabulous – way better than most conference venues – and they have free, reliable wi-fi throughout.

Location, Location, Location!

HR Inner Circle
Annual Conference 2018


Fabulous speakers! Engaging subjects!
The 'must attend' event for all HR Practitioners

1 October 2018

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Q. How much does it cost to attend? +

It's completely free for members, although we ask for a £40+VAT deposit to ensure your attendance.

You get your deposit back if you turn up, or if you give us at least a week's notice of cancellation. If you give us less than a week's notice of cancellation, or don't make it on the day, you forfeit the deposit.

Q. Can I bring a colleague? +

Members can bring one colleague each, for a discounted delegate fee of £200+VAT. If you wish to bring more than one colleague, the full delegate fee of £400+VAT will apply (or they can join the HR Inner Circle themselves and come for free).

Q. Am I guaranteed a place? +

Yes, if you book swiftly. The room takes 200 people. Although we have more members of the Inner Circle than that, we know many members won't come (either because the date doesn't work or it's too far to travel). We're filming the session and all members will get videos, so if it sells out before you've reserved your place, you'll still be able to watch the recorded version.

We are giving members a two week 'priority' window in which to book. On 11 June 2018, we'll open any remaining places to non-members (they'll be charged £400+VAT, you get in for free as part of your membership).

Q. Are you filming the conference? And can I get access to the videos? +

Yes, we'll be filming the entire conference and sending the videos to all members of the HR Inner Circle (whether you come or not).

Q. What are the 'member spotlight' sessions? +

We thought we'd have some fun and ask three members to give short, six-minute presentations on a topic they are passionate about. Absolutely no idea what they'll say, but fingers crossed it'll be stimulating and entertaining...

Q. Will there be internet access at the summit? +

Errr.... yes. It's 2018. But we do ask you not to use mobile devices during the talks, as it's distracting for people around you.

Q. Are meals provided? +

There will be tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day. And one of the reasons we've picked the Cavendish Conference Centre is because they do one of the best conference lunches in London (seriously). You won't be hungry!

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